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Case history


Customer care has always been one of the most important services provided by a company. It is a service that can be defined as one of the cornerstones of our enterprise, as it is intended to both help the customers and to deal with the upcoming requests, which can be odd, manageable or even completely unattainable.

A few weeks ago our French distributor came up with an interesting and unusual project. The end user, whose retail store is located in that wonderful French region full of medieval fortresses, red bricks and Roquefort cheese called Occitanie, had the need of a long refrigerated cabinet in order to showcase his artisanal products.

The cabinet needed an external light pinewood cladding and a refrigeration system that could preserve the food products at two different temperatures. No sooner said than done! The request turned into a project realized by our technical dpt. and within a day our customer had a proposal in his hands. The final result is a particular refrigerated display merchandiser six metres long, multiplexable and with a 3M2 temperature part and a 3M1 temperature part.

The retail store, a family-owned business that operates on the whole product chain (from livestock to the selling of dairy products), has sent us a picture of the renovated location. And we are truly happy to share it with you, there’s a little bit of us even there!