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We have been working in the B2B sector for over 30 years, in Europe and across the world, through trade agreements with distributors, resellers and dealers with (if any) exclusive rights in a specific geographical area.

We manufacture refrigerated cabinets for the food industry, the result is a made in Italy product that can be customized in every detail. Thanks to the wide range of options, claddings, materials and sizes, we can create a custom-made refrigerator perfect for any retail context.

We organize our work by geographical areas and each of them represents for us a pivotal asset that allows us to be familiar with global market trends and have an international vision.

We have always invested resources and attention in the relationship with our business partners.
By reason of our experience and technical know-how, during the last thirty years we have created trust-based and long-lasting relationships with our main partners, all of which have led to great results and outcomes.



360-degree support


Our offer:

  • Design support (we help you choose the right cabinet for each location)
  • Help with product configuration
  • Custom-made refrigerators to meet customer and market needs
  • On-site technical training for salespeople and dealers
  • Support in marketing activities
  • Solid experience in relationships and agreements with distributors
  • Technical drawings and documents
  • Customer service
  • Technical support




Write us at marketing@fogalrefrigeration.com