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Our entire range of products can be customized and enhanced in different ways.


Can holder
two different models of adjusting brackets available (10° or 30°)
Glass product stopper
 Plexiglas product stopper
 Laser  printing on aluminium or stainless steel top
 Refrigerated  under storage
 available only on the Casanova model
 Rear loading doors
 Glass doors , full doors available (with white or aluminiun frame)
 Rear loading doors 
 (white or s.s. full door)
 Manual shutter
 white/grey/stainless steel effect
 Motorized shutter
 white/grey/stainless steel effect
 Hooks display bar for packets
 Display bar
 Wide range of external laminate claddings
 according to customers’ requirements
 Illuminated top front – it can be customized according to customers’ requirements
 Shelf neon illumination
 available with white or pink shade
 Shelf LED illumination
  stainless steel basket
 Sliding Tray holder
 Night blind
 motorised version available
 Internal mirrored ends
 Glass shelves
 Internal RAL  
 special finish according to customers’ requirements
  Thermal sliding self closing glass doors
 also available with lock on demand
Standard simple sliding glass doors
  Hinged doors
  Panoramic end
 Silk- screen printing available
 according to customers’ requirements
 Direct print on rigid panels